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The home they say is where the heart is! But is your home secure?
Have you planned for the unexpected? Burglary, fire, floods, riots?

Gedara Plus from Finlays is a policy that will cover your home against loss and damage due to external causes. We will also insure your domestic workers under workmens compensation and even extend the insurance to cover their personal property.

Call us at Finlays Insurance Brokers and one of our in-house experts will visit you and help you select the best policy that suits your specific needs. And remember all of this at no additional cost to you.

It does not cost you to try us.

The bonus in Gedara Plus!
  • In case of a total loss, payment of monthly rental until your house is rebuilt, subject to a maximum of 10% of the sum insured.
  • Fire brigade charges up to LKR 25,000.
  • Payment of professional fees and costs such as estimates, plans, specifications, quantities and supervision incurred in the rehabilitation of the insured property up to LKR 50,000.
  • Debris removal up to LKR 50,000.
  • Replacement of door locks damaged due to burglary up to LKR 10,000.

  • The widest coverage, fast tracked documentation and claims processing, all at the most competitive price, makes Gedara Plus an insurance policy that will help you prepare for life's day to day issues.

    ...And More Benefits!
  • Domestic employees will be insured for worker's compensation and their personal property up to LKR. 5,000 for any one employee.
  • Personal accident cover up to LKR 1,000,000 for you and your spouse, within your premises.
  • Guests' effects up to LKR 5,000 per person, with cover for 4 guests.
  • Cover for personal legal liability to third parties up to LKR 500,000.

  • All risks coverage for your house and contents

    We continue to revolutionize insurance as you know it, with cover for almost any unexpected loss or damage due to external causes. All major risks you can think of and many that won't cross your mind are automatically covered. No more checking to see if you have flood cover, worrying about burglars or if you are covered against damage caused by the drunk driver that slammed into your wall. Enjoy peace of mind with the most comprehensive insurance cover of its kind - GEDARA PLUS!

    You meet the first LKR 10,000 (or LKR 5,000 if only the building is covered) of any loss the cost of everything else is up to us.

    We cover your house, fixtures, fittings, and household goods, personal effects, out buildings, garage, walls, gates, public supply and connections to the house.

    We do not cover wear and tear, war, mutiny, rebellion, failure of electrical items (unless there is evidence of a fire or burn marks), or willful negligence, etc.

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