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Insurance Brokering - Finlay Insurance Brokers (Pvt) Limited

As insurance brokers, we represent all Sri Lankan insurance providers and also work in partnership with global insurance intermediaries in servicing customers in Sri Lanka, the Republic of the Maldives and in the region. Finlay Insurance Brokers (Pvt) Limited advises the customer in all interactions with the insurance providers. The services of an insurance broker are at no extra cost to you the customer.

The Company specialises in managing the insurance portfolios of large corporate organisations and also individual clients. In a traditional environment, Finlays places emphasis on innovative solutions to the transfer of risk.

Services - Corporate

Offers the negotiation of terms, placement and management of insurance portfolios, corporate or individual, after having analysed their actual requirements. For corporate entities, a similar arrangement is offered from a risk management perspective.

Reviews: Includes a detailed review of cleints insurance requirements, identifies areas of cleints business that are exposed to insurable losses, and then arranges an insurance programme to transfer such risks. In doing this, Finlays will offer innovative solutions, keeping in mind premium outlay.

Placement & Management of Portfolio: Negotiations with all insurers for the most cost effective terms taking into consideration coverage required, current market conditions and financial security of the underwriters. Thereafter, Finlays assists its customers in managing their portfolio and coordinating requirements between insurer/s and the customer.

Claims: The handling of claims from the time of occurrence until settled. Duties include advice on documentation, negotiations with principals and their loss adjusters with a view to obtaining accurate reimbursement for the loss, within the terms of the policy issued.

Advisory: Includes surveys for risk improvement, risk management, market reports, seminars for employees, etc. Our expertise and market know-how would be available to the client and its staff.

Services - Individual

A raft of innovative coverage for the individual ranging from coverage for house and/or contents, hospitalisation, personal accident, vehicle and life. Wide coverage, competitive pricing, backed by secure underwriters with claim handling services.